The 2nd day of September 2009 on Hot Celebrities Scene, Today We have Angelica Carrera. A Latin women with Heigth: 162 cm - 5 feet and 4 inches  and Weight: 57 kg - 125 lbs. Measurements: 37-26-38
Angelica Carrera
Here's some interesting facts about Angelica:
What is your ethnicity?
One of my favorite questions to answer, actually!! =D I’m a rare exotic blend of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian… Thank GOD for my Mama and Daddy ;D
How did you get your start in modeling?
When I was about two years old, my mom and dad put me in dance classes, because I would dance and pose all day long everywhere we went… And I did a little bit of modeling here and there as a child. Right after I graduated High School, I auditioned for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors in Oakland, CA… BAYBEE… “THE BAY” Yeee!! 2005 was my first year on the team as a Cheer Leader. I learned so much from that wonderful experience and with the team came the photoshoots, appearances, and signings. From that point on, I knew I wanted to get serious with my modeling career and start my very own close and personal DYNASTY… ;D and shoot for the stars, and NEVER settle for less!!

How long have you been modeling now? 
I’m on my fourth year of modeling, and I’m LOVING every bit of it. I’m SUPER glad I made such an amazing decision four years back!
What would be your future goals in modeling?
As far as modeling alone goes, I would love to see myself in magazines, fashion shows, music videos, billboards, computer and phone wallpapers, myspace backgrounds, t-shirts, Wheaties boxes, TV Shows, Fashion advertisements, etc. Bottom line to that and the moral of the story – I want the world to know who I am and see my genuine and down to earth personality… I want to share my talents with the world!! Any more brain busters?? =D
Tell us about where you grew up?
I’m from the Bay Area, Yaaadddada!! Love the Bay Area!! I was born in Fremont, and was raised in Union City. I went to James Logan High School where we had over 5,000 Students. I love everything about my home town. I’m going to eventually settle down there when I’m ready to open up my business, take care of my family, and then start a lil’ family of my own!!

What kind of girl where you in highschool?
Ummm, In High School I was “that girl” getting sent home at lunch to change my outfit… By the time I was a senior, they gave up trying to change me. I always came to school with a theme. I loved everyone that showed me love… 3.0 gpa when it came to the books and class… but that was because I was always involved in the school activities: Powder Puff, Rallies, Skits/Floats, Homecoming Queen, Leadership, Best Buddies, Cheerleading, and Dance Concerts… Had haters, but I never let that slow me down because I had too many people that LOVED me!!
What do you do on your spare time?
Most of my spare time I give to my lil’ baby girl GOLDIE! I have a beautiful and intelligent brown and white Pomeranian! I love her so much and could not imagine my life without her. But if Miss Goldie and I aren’t kickin’ it, I’m most likely working out, writing, designing something, laying out at the beach, dancing, or spending time with the fam in the bay (my favorite)!!
What is you favorite food?
So… I L-O-V-E, LOVE Food! Everyone imagines that I would eat healthy. But that’s very untrue. So since I’m always “Keepin’ it real”, the JUCIER, and the CHEESIER, the BETTER! I only put things I enjoy in this mouth of mine. Here are a few of my favorites: Enchiladas, Pasteles, Raviolli’s, Ham and Cheese omlets, French Toast, Tostadas, California Rolls, Pizza, and I can go on n’ on forever.. LOL! And boy do I have a SWEEET Tooth for candy and junk food! =D
Can you cook?
I’m no master chef, BUT… I have a few recipes and some skill in the kitchen. I’d say my specialties are breakfast, and of course DESERT… Maan, I can whip up some desert!
Where would be one place you would like to visit?
I have a few in mind that really stand out, but one place that I have really been wanting to explore is Puerto Rico. My ethnicity is Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian. I’ve been to both Mexico and Hawaii… Gotta experience my beautiful Puerto Rico!!

What is the most favorite part of your body and your least favorite?
My favorite part on myself would have to be my legs. I have Dancer Legs… Been Giggin’ since the age of TWO… Thanks again, Mom & Dad!! My LEAST Favorite part would have to be my hands… I have bigger palms and longer fingers than MOST girls. But, they work, so I can’t complain!!
Are you currently single?
I am currently single, and that is how it will remain… until I fund someone that treats me how I deserve to be treated. They must: make me laugh all day, every day, Make me feel special, Love my family, Love my Goldie (my Pomeranian), make me blush, and they must put me first after all family! The reason it will remain this way is simply because I’ve learned that once you give a “boyfriend” title, they slowly forget what they worked for, and eventually start to take advantage of the situation and fall off track. The love and appreciation NEEDS to be there 24/7. I need to feel like I’m exclusively theirs and they remind me of why – Every day. When I find this lucky man, they have a lot to live up to, cause I have the BEST male role model in my life already… That’s my DADDY!!! Last note on this subject – I’m DONE fuckin’ with boys… When the time’s right, I want me a man! Who needs a boy-friend?? I’ll take a girlfriend for now!!
What kind of guys/GIRLS do you go for?
Number one thing I need in a companion/lover is humor/originality. I get all weak in the knees for someone that can keep me smiling and laughing. The rest consists of positive confidence, passion, determination, drive, strong sexual appetite, and an easy, positive, outgoing personality – THEN, comes the looks…
Favorite/ eye catching body part on guy/GIRLS?
Ladies FIRST – Let me start by saying that the Female body is just AMAZING! I LOVE the female anatomy - Eyes, Lips, Legs, and that Booty! My dream girls are Elle Navarro, Eva Mendez, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, and Adriana Lima… OMG I just came!! As for the guys – Not too big, and not too small (arms, silly!) With matching legs, tattoos, detours, eyes, lips, ear lobes, and personality (I need to laugh all day) my dream men are Adam Sandler, Brad Pitt, Cary Hart, Paul Walker, Channing Tatum, Nelly, Chris Brown, and Jose Cruz Jr.

What would be the kinkiest think you've ever done?
Well, checking through my book of Kinkiness… My Kinkiness… Me, Kinki… he he he!!! I am a very freaky lil’ Capricorn! So much to share, but I’ll keep it short, simple, and right to the point. I’ll share my top three stories that just popped into my head! One – Actually doint IT while going through the drive-thru and ordering at Jack-In-The-Box… YES, ass up against the wheel… mmmmmm, and then them bacon and cheddar potato wedges (I would recommend that to EVERYONE… Such a RUSH!! While going through the drive-thru AND the wedges! Owweeee!!) Two – In the back seat of a white MUSTANG (all of these went down in the same white MUSTANG by the way, Thaaaaanks!) while parked in a packed and well lit parking lot with people everywhere (front seats slid forward and folded up against the dashboard, elbows on the center console, straddled doing the backwards cowgirl!) while the car just rocked right into another parking spot… Shit, with ME RIDING… Yup!! Three – Right in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign up in the hills in the MIDDLE of the road… Doing IT again (of course) ;) Hit up four different positions… We could’ve made a movie ;D ...Action!!! I’m a tri-sexual (I’ll try anything once! Can’t knock it if you haven’t tried it) and I’m ALWAYS horny… Probably worse than any man… he he he! Next question!!! I’m blushing!!!
Does size matter?
For me, size does NOT matter. It really all depends on the feeling inside. All spots, if you know where they are located, are very reachable. For me, what matters is how much you are you’re your lover, what angles are used, and how passionately we can work our angles together for proper grinding of all those spots. If I’m really into someone, they can simply hit me on the head, and I’ll come! Now THAT’S passion! =D
Have you ever kissed a girl?
Keepin it REAL! I HAVE Plenty of times, and I still do! =D I LOVE the sensual embrace of a woman. I actually LOVE kissing girls!!!!


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